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Our exceptional massage therapists focus on one thing, you. We carefully listen to your needs and desires so we can deliver an experience that will allow you to feel refreshed and relaxed. Our certified staff can create a customized treatment to improve health, outlook or simply make you feel like royalty. We tailor the session to meet your desires so you are able to fully experience all that Aspen has to offer. We daily help stressed office workers, corporate executives, professional athletes and moms and dads find their happy place. We offer several types of massage therapy that meet nearly every need, all you need to do is choose what fits your desires and then lie down and enjoy. Walk in or call ahead, we’re waiting to make you feel wonderful.


Common Types of Massage Therapy and Treatments we offer:

Swedish Massage

This is the most common type of massage therapy and one most people are familiar with. The long strokes and calm atmosphere allows you to both relax and revitalize your body and spirit. If you feel stressed out, overworked or need a pick me up, this wonderful experience will bring peace and serenity back to your world.


Orthopedic Massage

Perfect for injuries, frozen joints or lack of motion, this form involves several disciplines to restore structural balance and rehabilitate musculoskeletal dysfunction. People with knee injuries and low range of motion have benefited from this from of massage. This is an active massage with movement, so comfortable athletic shorts or swimsuit is recommended. In addition, continued self-care follow up and as well as additional exercises will help you get the full benefit.


Sports Massage

One of the best parts of Aspen is the nearly endless choices of activities. From hiking and bike, to skiing and boarding, the residents are active and ready to explore. This massage therapy technique focuses on pre and post-event, maintenance and restorative massage as well as treatment for common sports injuries. Utilizing trigger points this form helps athletes and weekend adventurers recover more quickly and enhance performance.

Thai Massage

Balancing 200-300 stretches, mobilization, pressure points and compression this technique is often called “Yoga for Lazy People,” or Oriental Sports Massage. It enhances strength and flexibility while relaxing tense and sore muscles. In addition to increasing flexibility and strength, it can also detoxify your body, help your immune systems and prevent sickness by encouraging lymphatic function. A two-hour session is recommended and you should wear loose, comfortable clothing as the session is done on a futon on the floor. You will continue to feel the results of this therapy days after treatment feeling more relaxed, balanced and centered.


Reflexology and More

Reflexology is a natural healing art based on using specific zones in the feet, hands and ears to relieve tension, promote balance and improve circulation. Specific issues of the body can be targeted utilizing this technique. In addition, members of our staff are trained in many traditional Asian practices such as Acupressure, Zen Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Chakra Balancing, and Reiki.

Relax, We Do All the Work

Lists like this can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. We encourage you to stop by or call and we will discuss your needs and help you determine what is best for you. Whether it is your first massage or hundredth, our massage therapists are ready to make you feel your very best.


Be Prepared to Be Pampered

Aspen is known as one of the top cities in the United States for skiing, hiking, shopping and beautiful scenery. Residents and people from all over the world come here to enjoy the best of nature and to be pampered. We believe every person deserves to be spoiled when it comes to our massage services.


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